Sunday, July 28, 2019

Triund Trek

Triund is a small hill station in the Kangra district near Dharamshala. Triund is at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges and is at a height of about 2,850 m.

A trek to Triund was long pending and it came up during a discussion with Shashank, Abhishek, Prashant et al. The plan started coming to shape when these young enthusiastic guys got involved.

The trek to Triund starts from Dharamshala. There are two routes to approach it. One is from Chandigarh, its about -6 hours by road and another via Pathankot, where it’s about 3 hours by road.

As per plan Friday 26th April, we took train to Chandigarh, alighting there at around 10 AM, Saturday morning.

 At platform one, I took bath also. The bathroom was quite neat and clean.

There were many taxi vendors roaming at Chandigarh railway station with different offers, somehow I am not very convinced to have an on the spot taxi. We had already booked one Tempo traveler and soon we left Chandigarh on the way to Dharamshala.

It was quite hot during the day; we stopped only at one place to take our much needed lunch.
Evening we approached the ancient town of Chintapurni.

The shakti peeth of Chintapurni (Chhina Mastika Dham), is in Una district on the way to Dharamshala.

It was very heavy rush over there and we were not sure to go in queue or to move ahead to Dharamshala. Mother blessed us and we got into queue through one shortcut, suggested by one devotee. Though a bit of ruckus happened as the policemen on duty forced us out of queue but after some time, we again sensed the opportunity and sneaked into mid queue to the path of sanctum. Generally I avoid being in such situation, but we were really short of time!

The Chintpurni Shakti Peeth houses the temple of Chinnamastika Devi or Chinnamasta Devi. Chhinnamasta or Chinnamastika temple is one of the 7 major and 51 total Shakti Peethas.

When Lord Vishnu severed the burning body of Maa Sati into 51 pieces so that Lord Shiva would calm down and stop his Tandava, the pieces were scattered over various places in the Indian subcontinent. It is believed that Sati's head fell at this place and is thus considered one of the most important of the 51 Shakti Peethas.

She is usually shown holding her own severed head in her hand, drinking one stream of blood spurting from the arteries in her neck, while at her side are two naked yoginis, each of whom drinks another stream of blood.

Chhinnamasta, the headless goddess, is the Great Cosmic Power who helps the sincere and devoted yogi to dissolve his or her mind, including all the preconceived ideas, attachments and habits into the Pure Divine Consciousness. Cutting off the head suggests the separation of the mind from the body, that is the freedom of the consciousness from the material confines of the physical body.

Mother blessed us all and happily we took the road to Dharamshala.

Being there is meditation in itself.

Late evening we reached the town of Dharamshala. One dormitory was booked in advance and with some effort we reached there to take rest.

Sunday morning, we took early breakfast and then went to taxi stand to arrange for our trek. At Taxi stand, we met one travel agent who arranged one guide and accommodation for us at Triund top. Guide is actually not required but accommodation should be booked.

We took taxi for initial 4 KMs to Galu Devi Temple.

From Galu Devi Temple, we started for our  ~6 KM trek to Triund top.

It’s a moderate trek. Don’t get confused with many websites claiming it be easy. Its quite tiring at many places.

The entire route is very beautiful and lush green. It was so nice to walk through that route, though breath was becoming heavy, the mind was very calm and serene.

There was one small glacier in between, which we had to cross. It was a bit dangerous as ice was melting and it was slippery. Getting slipped was not an option as it would have resulted in serious accident. By grace of mother Chintapurni, we all crossed it with caution and moved ahead.

There were many Rhododendron tree, besides oak and Devdar, on both sides of the route heavy with flower. This red pink flower has many medicinal properties and used as juice or chatney. I heard that its very good for heart ailments. I had taken its juice while on Tungnath Trek.

As we covered distance, the pace started becoming slow. It took us almost four hours to reach the Triund top.

The last one kilometer requires a bit of toil , this distance is popularly known as the “22 curves” as it has 22 tiring  curves before we finally reached Triund.

The view was simply breathtaking. Dhauladhar ranges welcomed us with smile of grace and blessings!

The views of Dhauladhar are so close from here that it left us astounded!

Triund top is a large land of green grass. This ridge is at elevation of between 2,810 and 2,875 metres.

There is another trek which goes by Bhagsu waterfall and Shiva Cafe, but this trek is quite difficult and challenging. So trek from Galu Devi Temple is preferred.

Our guide took us to the campsite. We had three tents booked. We took a little rice for our lunch, some people preferred maggi.

After some rest and dumping our little luggage there we started exploring the ridge from one end to another.

We just roamed there spell bounded by the beauty of nature in lap of mighty Himalayas.

As there is no electricity, so we returned back to campsite as night approached.

The view of the evening sky from Triund is a good enough reason to pitch a tent here for the night. As it was dark night (without moon) so we could see the entire spectrum of stars which our universe offers us. In a moon lit night, the view of Dhauladhar becomes more magnificent though.

Triund Campsite also works as a base camp and acclimatization point for trekkers climbing the Inderahara point in the Dhauladhar range.

We didn’t had further plans.

We sat there till late in pitch darkness and in the shower of lights emanating from countless stars. What a person needs to be contained and happy? Whats our worth in this universe? Actually happiness does not comes from having something, it actually comes from vast emptiness, because then only the grace and blessings of Gods flows and fulfill the seekers’ consciousness!

All lit up Kangra valley was clearly visible from here, this all made sure that we could not sleep till very late. Who would like to lose those moments of blessed times?

Early morning we got ready to say good bye to Triund. Toilet facility is very basic and most trekkers need to get fresh at designated makeshift facilities only.

It took us almost 2 hours to return back to Galu Devi temple and in next half an hour we were at Dharamshala.

Our taxi driver was waiting and dropped us at Chandigarh railway station by late evening.

Triund is inaccessible in January and February due to heavy snowfall. The best time for the trekking is from March till May in the first part of the year and from September till November in the second half of the year. It is Rainy in June and July but still trekking is possible. Though a bit dangerous, the meadow is lush green presenting out of this world.

Trek to Lahesh cave is another 5-6 km from Triund top and takes upto 4-5 hrs as the elevation increases. Lahesh cave is at an altitude of 3500 mtrs.

One can even trek further to Indrahar pass from Lahesh cave which is at 8-9 km from caves and takes about 6-7 hrs. Indrahaar pass is at an altitude of 4300 mtrs so the terrain gets more elevated and ascent gets steep.

Tuesday morning, we were at home sweet home!

I came to know recently that because of increase in number of people attempting trek to Triund, the authorities have stopped allowing any night stay there. So plan accordingly.

I also observed that people through lot of trash everywhere. Let us all be more responsible to our mother earth!


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