Friday, May 2, 2008

Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camp, Bheemeshwari

May 01 2008, Thursday, we visited Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camp, Bheemeshwari. Actually we had planned to go Golibore Nature Camp, which is located  in even more dense forest but we lost the way and reached Cauvery Camp. Rakesh negotiated with the manager there and he was kind enough to grant us permission to enter there at Jungle Resorts. We had booking for Golibore Camp and so the manager agreed.

We started from home at around 7:30 AM and drove via Kanakpura road towards Cauvery Camp. Rakesh and his family was also with us.

It is 100+ KMs from Bangalore and the route is Bangalore-Kanakpura-Sathanur-Muthathi-Cauvery Camp.

The route for Golibore gets diverted some 30 KMs before Cauvery Camp and we missed that point.

The road is good except for some distance after Kanakpura. The last stretch of about 15 KMs was very exciting as it passed through dense forest. The road was a bit narrow, hilly and slopes were quite steeps at some places. First Gear was needed to lift the vehicle at some of those places. Then I remembered why Outlook Magazine suggests to have a 4WD vehicle for such terrain.

We reached Cauvery Camp at around 11:30 AM and checked-in to Jungle Lodges and Resorts. After resting for some 15 minutes, we started for trekking in dense forest with a guide provided by the Resorts. Though we were not able to see any big animal but it was understandable as it was a summer mid-day and animals prefer to be in dense forest to keep themselves cool. Though we saw a big amount of Elephant dung which was proof that a large herd of elephants have passed that way perhaps last night.

Alaknanda was very excited in the forest and trying to run here and there on her own. With great difficulty I handled her.

We went to Cauvery bed, the environment was very calm and serene. The only noise were of Jungle fowls or sometimes I heard one strange sound, which I could not guess of which animal. The sound of Gentle flow of Mother Cauvery made that whole area extremely peaceful.

After trekking we came back to Resorts and took Lunch. After Lunch we took rest for some time on Nylon beds tied in between two trees. It felt great.

Then we proceeded to Boating. Though I am always fearful of water body but Rakesh forced me so we all went. It was a good experience and we saw a big Crocodile in water swimming gently with only eyes outside water.

We started back at around 6 PM and reached home at around 9 PM. We were badly tired and immediately went to sleep. Dinner we had taken at Sukhsagar, Koramangala.

The trip was very good and above all Alaknanda enjoied it very much. It is also good to fill the lungs with fresh Oxygen. To drive on Hill road in forest was also a new experience to me.

The charges for Jungle Lodges and Resorts are little high (For a day trip its Rs. 850/- per person at this time) but for an occasional trip its is fine. We need to book it in advance at Bangalore itself before going there otherwise they do not allow to enter at Resorts.


  1. Nice post...I will be visiting Bheemeshwari this month...


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