Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ghati Subramanya

Though it was there in my mind to visit Shri Ghati Subramanya temple for long, the opportunity I got on this Saturday.

Well said, only those can visit the blessed places, whom the God wishes!

Ghati Subramanya or the Valley of Subramanya is about 60 KMs from Bangalore. It is near the town of Dodballapur. From Bangalore, it can be reached via Yelhanka and Dodballapur. From Dodballapur, its about 10 KMs. The road from Yelhanka till the temple is quite straight, cross the Dodballpur town and then at Konanakunte village, about 1-1/2 KMs from Dodballapur bus stand, take a right turn. The big gate welcomes all the pilgrims. The Temple is about 9 KMs from here.

Shri Ghati Subramanya Temple
Though I had planned to start early in morning, but Saturday morning laziness took its toll and we were able to start from home at about 9 AM. I had guessed that it will take about 2 hours to reach the Ghati, and I was correct.

Not much rush was there and soon we were at Hebbal. From there we took the road towards DevanHalli and Airport. After crossing the Agriculture University gate, we took the left side road towards Yelhanka. One should not miss it. There is a petrol bunk on left side just where one need to take the left road. Immediately after there is railway crossing.

We were on Dodballpur Road now. Earlier town of Dodballapur was part of Bangalore Rural district. Now the district is known as Dodballpur.

Soon we crossed the urban jungle and were out in open, amidst of green field surrounding us. The road was two lane, but not much traffic and we drove almost effortlessly.

There are not many signboard, so we asked a couple of times in between to make sure that we are on right way, as the Ghati Subramanya Temple is very famous so almost everybody knew the way and they guided us.

There are 3-4 railway crossings in between and incidentally, I found all of them closed to pass the train. Perhaps Lord wanted me to take some rest there.
Ghati Subramanya Valley and the temple
Weather was good and clouds and Lord Anshumaan were playing hide and seek. The cool breeze kept us charged.

Last about 5-6 KMs drive gives a faint feeling of ghat section driving. It is not challenging but demands some extra precautions, particularly at turns.

Finally about 1045AM, we were at Ghati Subramanya.

The temple is in typical dravidian style with big Gopuram. I found a place to park car after crossing the street to temple.

Something special about this temple, which I have not seen anywhere is that Lord Subramanya (Kartikeya), is found together with Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. According to the legends, both idols are believed to have emerged from the earth (Swayambhu). Lord Subramanya is facing East and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is facing West. The devotees obtain a darshan of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha by way of a mirror, put behind the idols in sanctum sanctorium.

Lord Subramanya on a snake mound
Outside the main temple, there is a snake mound with Idol of Lord Subramanya (Kartikeya or Murugan). He is flanked by a hooded snake. People offer milk to snake mound there.

It is the belief of devotees that childless couples making vows shall be blessed with children by the Lord.

We took some flowers and some snake carved on metal leaf for pooja. It is a tradition here. The same tradition is at Kaalhasti temple near Tirupati. After the pooja as one comes out of sanctum, the devotee has to drop these in hundi there.

I felt that there was not much rush, but was wrong. It was weekend and many people from surrounding as well as Bangalore were there in the feet of the almighty.

One gentlemen offered me to take directly inside the sanctum for a fees and I agreed keeping in mind the time. He helped me to reach in sanctum, crossing the big queue. Curtains were there as "Aarti" was in progress, we waited there patiently for about half an hour and then the curtains were removed. TVs installed there gave the inside view, but quality was not good.

We took the queue from right side to reach near the sanctum sanctorium. With folded hands we prayed in the feet of Lord. We were able to see the idol of Lord Subramanya as it was infront of us, the idol of Lod Laksmi Narasimha, can be seen through the mirror put behind the idols.

There was good rush pushing us inside the small sanctum, but the Lord graced us with bliss.

The temple is said to be many centuries old. The idol for sure predates the current temple structure.

Nagappa (Snake idols)
A related ritual is that of installing idols of snake. Snakes carved onto stones, also termed as Nagappa, can be seen under a huge Peepal tree and devotees pray for any favors they need at this spot. This is outside the main temple.

There are a few shops selling fruits, vegetables as well as cheap toys. I didn't found any good place to eat there. Perhaps, due to proximity to Dodballpur town as well as Bangalore. But I heard that the temple authorities give free lunch to all those who participate in seva.

We started back at around 12 noon. In between we stopped a couple of times to buy some fresh vegetables from farmers selling on roadside. We also stopped to enjoy the cool breeze and to fill our lungs with pollution free oxygenated air before entering into Bangalore.

During our return also I found all railway crossings closed. So again some blissful relaxation.

The trip was quite good and relaxing. I drove total about 122 KMs.

Those who wants to take it by Bus, can take a bus to Dodballpur. From there another bus to temple. I observed some autos also plying there.

It is an excellent one day trip near Bangalore.


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